How many packs are in 25gms of bonded hair?

Unlike some other hair suppliers we supply our hair in weight, not packs.  If you usually work in bond quantities we do have an easy to use table at the top of our Bonded hair pages, which will enable you to work out how many bonds on average you will received per 25gms for each of  the hair lengths we supply from 6” to 22”+.


Do you allow clients to come and see your premises and hair stocks?

Absolutely, we love our clients coming to visit us, all our clients that have been to visit always comment on the large stock of hair we have available.  Although we do ask that if you would like to come and see us you make an appointment, this is so we can spend some time with you to answer any questions and show case our hair fully. To Make an appointment please call 01474 823666.

Do you supply free hair samples?

Unfortunately this isn’t something we are able to offer, but we would recommend purchasing a Tasha Jacks Colour Ring to be able to see our entire colour range and hair quality.  If you are able to travel to Kent we always welcome visitors to our premises, but we do ask that you make an appointment first to avoid disappointment.


Are all of the colours on the Tasha Jacks Colour chart available in all four of the hair types?

All colours are available in both our European and Brazilian Curly ranges.  Our Russian hair is available in all colours except colours 1, 30 & 33.  The Asian range is slight smaller, but still gives a great selection of colours to choose from 1, 1b, 2, 4, 6, 8, 10, 11, 17, 22, 12, 24, 27 & 45.


Why are Blonde and White Blonde colours more expensive than Dark colours?

Quite simply the lighter the colour of the hair the more colour preparation and skill is required to achieve the desired colour without the hair becoming too processed, brittle and unmanageable, which convexly means that the darker colours require minimal colouring to reach the required colours.


What are the differences between Tasha Jacks Russian and European Hair?

Both of Tasha Jacks Russian and European hair ranges are double draw and of the highest quality, with only one significant difference, our European hair has a beautiful wave/movement to it whereas our Russian hair is very straight.