Journey of Our Hair

The journey of our hair from its original life existing on the human head, to the point of being sold as a top quality bespoke product for use in extensions, wigs and hair pieces is long and arduous. Sourced from across the world, all of our hair is hand picked and purchased in its raw form, with only the finest, cuticle correct hair being selected.

Following the selection process, every strand of hair then undergoes an in-house procedure – often referred to as ‘working’ the hair, this includes: washing, conditioning, drying, and finally being double-drawn into its precise lengths.

As well as the fundamental working process, we also specialise in lifting and colouring vast quantities of hair in order to maintain a generous healthy stock, creating a diverse range of colours from jet black through to platinum blonde. Each and every procedure of this time consuming work is undertaken by us in our workshop, and carried out with our own hands, no machines… no tricks. All of the hair is kept on our premises throughout the process and is only handled by fully trained hair specialists to guarantee that the highest levels of quality control are maintained.

We like to encourage all of our clients (especially new), where possible, to make an appointment to visit our workshop. Not only does it offer them the opportunity to view our vast stock of beautifully finished hair, but they will also witness first-hand some of the highly skilled crafts we employ in our work. Tasha Jacks provide an open and consultative environment that we hope you will find useful and supportive. We are available by telephone and email to answer any questions you may have.

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