In a Nutshell

This is Aftercare Advice "In A Nutshell".  For full details see Advice in Full.   Print Page


Please follow the mini-guidelines below for a troublefree wear.

  • Brushing
    • never brush wet hair.
    • Brush dry hair from the bottom 5cms of the hair, working slowly up towards your scalp gently teasing out any knots.
    • Brush at least once everyday. Also, apply a small amount of 'leave in' conditioner before styling.


  • Washing
    • Only wash once a week, twice at the very most. Do it throuroughly using fingertips to really work a lather. Get inbetween the bonds carefully to keep them independant of each other.
    • rinse throroughly.


  • Conditioning
    • Start applying conditioner from the ends of the hair upwards and do not put any on the bonds.
    • leave for at least 5 mins (an hour if you can) before rinsing just a little.

It is normal to lose a few bonds the first few days after application, or near to a maintenance or removal. Please make sure they are just shedding. If extensions are painful in any way to wear please visit your extensionist as soon as possible.