Pre-bonds (nail tips or flat bonds)

Designed for use with bond heat applicator or can be used with cold fusion technique.

Pre Bonded Hair.jpg 

3mm Micro-bonds (i-tips or shoelace bonds)

Designed for use with micro-rings.


Approximate amount of Standard Bonds per 25gms hair

As standard, we use super strong Italian Keratin to last longer with minimal shedding.  Softer silicon bonds are also available on request. Contact us

 6"  8"  10"  12"  14"  16"  18"  20"  22"  24"  30" Points
 65  60  55  50  45  40  35  30  25  22  20


For colours not on our chart, we welcome your hair samples and will hand blend the hair for a more accurate match.  Click for Colour Matching.